Why can’t I use my toilet like a trash can?

Many people use their toilet like a trash can. What do I mean by that? Simple instead of depositing the items in question in a trash can they prefer to flush down the toilet. Examples: condoms, feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, wipes, facial tissue, dental floss, even hair from a hair brush, and many other items. Most folk do not realize these items just don’t break down and they actually remain the same as before being flushed down a toilet. I really don’t care if the products actually say on the box “safe for the septic tank”, I can tell you yeah they don’t physically harm the tank structure but they do mess with the solid build up in the septic tank. So in my opinion very simple other than 2ply toilet paper if you are not willing to eat it first don’t flush it toss it in the trash bend!
By being selective of what goes into the septic system you will get the longest life expectancy from your system. Hey, don’t most people have a trash in in the bathroom, then use it!

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